Dear visitors,

Let us inform you that till 15 June 2022  the tours of interior of St.Bartholomew´s Church are stopped, owing to ongoing construction work.

Substitute guided tours including St.Bartholomew´s exterior and Ossuary will take place on the hour except the noon. On account of lower visitor comfort, the admission is reduced by 50%.

Thank you for your understanding.


St. Bartholomew's Church today: closed
Interiors of historic buildings today: 10–12 13–17h
Outer bailey gardens today: 9–19h

Premises revitalization

The revitalisation of church area took place in 2018 - 2020, the aim of all the project was the construction-technical and memorial renovation of chosen buildings (Belfry, Ossuary and Old Parish School) and the place in church area (Outer Bailey).

Architects from the prestigious Prague company Masák & Partner s.r.o. worked on the project documentation. The supplier of the building was the syndicate BFK servis a.s. and GEMA ART GROUP a.s., the interactive exhibition was prepared by KLUCIvespolek studio. The total costs of the reconstruction were more than 90 million Czech crowns, of which 86 million Czech crowns were refunded from the grant and the remaining 8.6 million Czech crowns were covered from the own sources of the town of Kolín.

Before & after photos

Scroll the arrow bar and compare in chosen photos how St.Bartholomew ́s hillock looked like before and after the reconstruction.

Time-collecting video of revitalization