St. Bartholomew's Church today: closed
Interiors of historic buildings today: closed
Outer bailey gardens today: 8–20h

Regional Museum

The museum exposition can be found (apart from Veigertovský House in Charles square) also in two historically valuable houses in the church area – in Červinka´s House and in Dvořák´s Museum of Prehistory (the original site of New Parish School)


Both buildings of the Regional museum in Kolín, which are situated in present Brandlova street, were in the past at least for some time funcionally related with the St.Bartolomew´s church. Dvořák´s Museum of Prehistory used to be New Parish School which was founded at the beginning of 17th century and served its original purpose until 1860. Červinka´s House is one of the oldest-preserved town hoses in Kolín, thanks to its early-gothic core from the second half of the 13th century. In 1518-1617 the house was used as a town hospital for the poor, under the clergy supervision of of clergymen of St.Bartholomew´s church. 

Nowadays Červinka´s House is used as a gallery of the Regional museum in Kolín. In its historic part we can find the permanent exhibition ´Měšťanský dům´ (A Town house) describing the lifestyle of Kolín citizens in 19th century.