St. Bartholomew's Church today: 9–12 13–17h
Interiors of historic buildings today: 9–12 13–17h
Outer bailey gardens today: 8–20h

St. Bartholomew's Church

The pearl of all the hillock. Petr Parléř enriched Kolín with one of the most original works of gothic architecture of Luxemburg era. The church interior includes series of valuable monuments of art.


One of the most significant sights of Gothic architecture in Central Europe was founded in 1260s. A hundred years after a vast (and unfinished) reconstruction of the church started, under the supervision of Petr Parléř. During the reconstruction a remarkable cathedral choir-loft was created. After other alterations during 15th century the church was preserved in its medieval look until the destructive fire in 1796. The building was not properly rebuilt until the turn of 19th and 20th century according to the project of architect Josef Mocker.