St. Bartholomew's Church today: 9–12 13–17h
Interiors of historic buildings today: 9–12 13–17h
Outer bailey gardens today: 8–20h
Poklad v srdci Kolína

What to visit

St. Bartholomew's
The pearl of all the hillock. Petr Parléř enriched Kolín with one of the most original works of gothic architecture of Luxemburg era. The church interior includes series of valuable monuments of art.
memento mori
The baroque building in the area of former main town cemetery with rich ornamental interior decoration designed as ´Memento mori´.
Church treasure
Independently standing belfry from the beginning of 16th century. In the basement you can visit a Lapidarium, on the first floor the restored church treasure is displayed and from the outer gallery you can admire the view of the town.
Old Parish
The Old Parish School will attract both children and adults with its modern and interactive exposition devoted to events from the town history and to famous Kolín personalities.
Outer Bailey
Unique chill-out zone in the centre of the town. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the town in the green outer bailey park, in the rose garden or near the herb garden.
Regional Museum
in Kolin
The museum exposition can be found (apart from Veigertovský House in Charles square) also in two historically valuable houses in the church area – in Červinka´s House and in Dvořák´s Museum of Prehistory (the original site of New Parish School)

Bartolomějské návrší

Poklad v srdci Kolína

Decanal St.Bartholomew's Church has always been the dominant feature and the most valuable architectonic sight of the town. The church is situated in altitude of 210 metres on the highest spot of Kolín's historical core. All the area of so-called church hillock is very unique. The place underwent a vast revitalization in 2018-2020.

You can find here especially the ossuary with rich ornamental decoration or the building of former parish school with interactive exhibition. The belfry hides the church treasure and lapidarium and offers the view of the city centre. Green outer bailey area tempts you for a walk and relax by the herbal or rose garden.


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