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Josef Popper-Lynkeus

/ 21. února 1838 Kolín — 22. prosince 1921 Vídeň /
Josef Popper-Lynkeus

Inventor and philosopher who inspired Albert Einstein

Josef Popper-Lynkeus (1838–1921) came from Kolín Jewish family. He studied Technical University in Prague and Wien. He cooperated with well-known physicist Ernst Mach and inspired Albert Einstein with his theories on relationship of matter and energy. Despite this fact Popper-Lynkeus was not only a physicist and inventor but also a philosopher and social reformer.

As a philosopher he rejected the power of state and considered religion unnecessary. He was labelled an anarchist and blasphemer…however, he made up a social reform which became recognized shortly after his death. He claimed that every citizen was entitled to a flat, clothing, food and doctor´s services. Kolín´s ´Leonardo da Vinci´ was talented, educated and always original. Therefore Einstein´s motto matches him perfectly: ´Fantasy is more important than knowledge.´