St. Bartholomew's Church today: closed
Interiors of historic buildings today: closed
Outer bailey gardens today: 9–17h

City Walls, Outer Bailey Gardens and Former Graveyard

Unique chill-out zone in the centre of the town. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the town in the green outer bailey park, in the rose garden or near the herb garden.


The area of present-day gardens is defined by the south-east part of the medieval town fotification from the second half of 13th century. The fortification consists of two wall stripes - the main fortification wall and the outer wall. The space between those, which was originally designed for the movement of defence and military technology, is called outer bailey and during the peace period it served as an orchard. The part of the Outer Bailey, in the are between former Kouřimská and Horská tower passing the neighbourhood of the St.Bartholomew´s church, was used as a parish garden. The most important reconstruction took place in the second half of 19th century, followed by modern reconstruction finished in 2020.