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Václav Morávek

/ 8. srpna 1904 Kolín — 21. března 1942 Praha /
Václav Morávek

A soldier, member of resistance movement during Second World War, the last from Three Kings

Václav Morávek (born 1904) became a professional soldier during the first republic era. After German occupation and dismissing of Czechoslovak army, he established an elite resistance group with Josef Mašín and Josef Balabán. Gestapo calls them Three Kings and there is a huge reward for their capture. They sabotage, deliver mocking postcards or illegal magazines to Gestapo headquarters.   

It is March 1942 and in Prague near Prašný bridge Morávek can see Gestapo arresting his resistance friend Václav Řehák. He decides to free him exactly according to his motto ´I believe in God of my gun´. There is a shoot-out. However, Gestapo forces are predominant. Morávek is fatally wounded and afterwards killed. As the last from so-called Three Kings – legendary group of our resistance movement.